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Crisis Plan Information

Wadsworth City Schools
In the Event of a Crisis

The National Terrorism Advisory system (NTAS) has replaced the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory system.  This new system will more effectively communicate information about threats.  Wadsworth City Schools would like to address some concerns and clarify our approach regarding the safety of the district’s children.  We hope the following “Questions and Answers” will assure you that the children are safe at school.  We will continue to work with our city and local agencies to ensure our primary responsibility of protecting students, faculty and staff.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the schools prepared for a crisis?
    • Each building has a Crisis Plan that we have used over the years to address several types of emergency/critical incidents.  Our plans include procedures for many types of emergencies including, but not limited to, fires, severe weather, unwanted visitors in buildings, accidental death of a student or staff member, bomb threats, and biological/chemical incidents.  We endeavor to be prepared for any emergency that could affect the Wadsworth School community and our Crisis Plans reflect the diversity of these critical incidents.  School officials review and revise emergency plans annually and continue to consult city officials and local emergency authorities for updates.
  • What will the schools do if there is a biological/chemical incident?
    •  In the event of a chemical/biological emergency, Wadsworth City Schools will take specific precautions determined by the Medina County Emergency Management Agencies to ensure the safety of the children and staff members in the affected school buildings.  Other responding agencies, such as the police, fire departments and HAZMAT will also provide directions according to the level of threat imposed by the incident.

Options that could be imposed:


  • Cancel school prior to the start of school:
    • If necessary, students and staff will be notified through the usual communication chain and media outlets that school will not be open on a specific day.
  • Early Dismissal:
    • Students may be dismissed prior to the normal dismissal time only when it is appropriate and safe to do so.
  • Shelter-in-place:
    • This refers to protecting students and staff within the buildings. This option is useful when people can remain safe by staying inside when attempts to move them outside would expose them to more danger then they would face staying put. This will minimize student and staff exposure to hazardous substances.
  • Lockdown:
    • A lockdown protects students and staff from internal or external threats. Classroom and exterior doors are secured, and movement of students and school personnel is extremely limited. Normal operations will resume when safe to do so.
  • Evacuation:
    • Evacuation is the removal of all students and staff from a facility. Students and staff will be evacuated to a designated safe location.

How will the school inform parents in the event of an emergency?  

Communication is critical during a crisis.  Parents can find information from several sources:

School Buildings Please dial directly.
Board of Education Office 330.336.3571
Wadsworth Cable Channel 16
Local TV and Radio Stations (Usual Media Outlets)
Wadsworth City School Web Page.


If an emergency incident were to occur, could children be picked up right away?

As in any emergency, parents or other authorized persons may pick up children from school; however, if we are directed by emergency management officials to lock down our buildings, we must abide by the order and ask that parents do the same.  Parents should be sure that their child’s Emergency Medical Authorization Form filed at the beginning of the school year is updated and accurate.  Students may be released to persons named on the Emergency Medical Authorization Form.  Anyone picking up a child—including parents—may need to have a photo I.D.  Students will not be released to anyone whose name is not on the Emergency Medical Authorization Form.  If picking up a child, parents should report to the main office of the building for assistance.

Please Remember:

  • In the event of a bio-terrorist/chemical incident, the school district will act according to the directives of emergency management officials.
  • In such a case, parents will be notified as quickly as possible.
  • As in any emergency, it is important to remain calm and prevent panic. 


What happens if the Nation goes to an elevated threat (Warns of a credible terrorist threat against the United States)?  

Wadsworth City Schools will remain open unless directed to do otherwise by local, state, or federal authorities.  It is our intention to continue with the routine business of education as much as possible.  The safe operation of the school will continue to be the primary goal.

 During a elevated threat the following precautions may be instituted: 

  • All school building entrances will be secured
  • Limited access to the building by the public
  • Students will remain inside the school of attendance the entire day
  • Athletic events or after school activities may be postponed and rescheduled 
  • Here are some other things parents  can do: 
    • Stay informed
    • Model calm and control to your children
    • Assure children that they are safe at home and at school
    • Remind children that trustworthy people are in charge
    • Let children know that it is okay to feel upset
    • Tell children the truth about events in an age-appropriate manner.
    • Stick to the facts.
    • Develop a family safety plan including:
      • Emergency kit (flashlight, battery-powered radio, first-aid kit, prescription medicines, toilet articles, extra batteries)
      • Food and Water:  Enough for 2-3 days for each family member
      • Family Communication Plan:  Emergency and family member numbers


Wadsworth City Schools have plans and have preparations to protect our community’s children.  Our teachers and other staff members are prepared to act in the best interest of the students in the event of a crisis.  To the degree that we are capable, we will act responsibly and professionally to keep each child safe.