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Educator Emeritus Nominations

The Wadsworth City Schools' Educator Emeritus Hall of Fame honors and recognizes the retired educators and/or administrators of Wadsworth City Schools who made a significant contribution to students, faculty, and/or the community.

When completing an application, please keep in mind that the following criteria will be used to evaluate a candidate for induction into the Educator Emeritus Hall of Fame:
  • Candidates must be retired for at least five years.
  • Candidates must have shown leadership through their vision and excellence in performance for Wadsworth City Schools.
  • Candidates must have made a difference in the lives of children or co-workers.
  • Candidates must have exhibited a high standard of excellence in their profession.
  • Candidates must have served in the district for at least five years.

Please note that if a candidate does not meet the criteria for Item No. 1 due to an untimely death, an application may still be submitted for consideration.

Please make certain that you include current contact information for the candidate.
Online Nomination Application (Paper applications are available from the Asst. Superintendent's office.)