World Languages

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Courses Offered

Spanish I       French I        Latin I  
Spanish II       French II        Latin II  
Spanish III       French III        Latin III        
*Spanish IV     *French IV        Latin IV        Chinese IV


*Spanish 201 and 202:  Univ. of Akron/Wayne College Course Credit Plus.

Level IV of a language is an honors course and carries a weighted grade.


Instructors (Click on name for e-mail link.)


Mrs. Beavers   Spanish II and IV, Dept. Chair
Mrs. Kline   Spanish I, III and WMS Spanish
Mr. Lee   Spanish I
Mrs. Mathews   Spanish II and III
Mrs. Stratton     French I, IV and WMS French
Mrs. LaMonica   Latin I, II, III and IV
Miss May   French II and III
Copley Teacher   Chinese IV




All levels of languages I - III require students to have:

        a 3 ring binder of at least 1 1/2 inches

        4-5 dividers

        paper, pencils, pens





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